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Our Canada travelogues are extended travel stories about off the beaten track vacations in Canada. There are 5 travel reports from holidays in Canada. These travel journals are illustrated with 152 photos. Each travelogue has a separate page with independent travel information about Canada.

From Calgary to Vancouver

Fly & drive British Colombia and Alberta II

Travelogue From Calgary to Vancouver with 35 photos
From Calgary into the Rocky Mountains, where all of a sudden a grizzly bear appears. Via Banff over the Icefield Parkway along glaciers, rivers and canyons. Near Jasper, elks fight over territory, and around Clearwater a horseback ride to the waterfalls. A flight in a water plane over the snowy mountain peaks around Whistler. Spotting orcas, grey whales and seals off the Vancouver coast. 35 photos.
Fly & drive British Colombia and Alberta II travel information

Travel story: Anje M. Oosterhuis. Photos: Arjan Bolks & Anje M. Oosterhuis

From Vancouver to Calgary

Fly & drive British Colombia and Alberta I

Travelogue From Vancouver to Calgary with 21 photos
From one Nature Park to the other, all the way to the Rocky Mountains. Along rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, mountian lakes and endless forests with squirrels, mouflons, elks and bears. From Vancouver by way of Penticton, Nelson, Golden and Banff to Calgary there isn't just a lot to be seen, but there also are lots of activities to participate in: kayaking, hiking, rafting and swimming in hot springs. 21 photos.
Fly & drive British Colombia and Alberta travel information

Travel story: Anje M. Oosterhuis. Photos: Arjan Bolks & Anje M. Oosterhuis

Fly & drive East Canada

Four beavers are fixing a broken dam

Travelogue Fly & drive East Canada with 28 photos
East Canada (Quebec and Ontario) has interesting cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec City. Moreover, it has countless nature reserves, like Algonquin National Park, La Mauricie National Park and Reserve Faunique du Saint-Maurice with moose, beavers, squirrels and North American porcupines. The Niagara Falls are a highlight. 28 photos.
Fly & drive Quebec and Ontario travel information

Travel story & photos: Geja Rijsman

Canada's Ocean Playground

Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Travelogue Canada's Ocean Playground with 47 photos
From Toronto via the Niagara Falls, and lakes with beavers in Algonquin Provincial Park to Ottawa, Montréal and Quebec. Watching whales in Tadoussac: Saint Lawrence River and Gaguenay Fjord. Taking a ferry to Gaspesie and via Grand Falls and Saint John to Brier Island in Nova Scotia, Canada's Ocean Playground. And, finally, from Lunenburg to Halifax. 47 photos.
Canada's Ocean Playground travel information

Travel story: Anje M. Oosterhuis. Photos: Arjan Bolks & Anje M. Oosterhuis

Grasslands National Park and Cypress Hills

Virgin Prairie and Rolling Hills in Saskatchewan

Travelogue Grasslands National Park and Cypress Hills with 21 photos
Reminiscing about his youth as a child of homesteaders in the harsh circumstances of the 1930s, the author visits several parks in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan: Grasslands National Park, Cypress Hills Park and Fort Walsh National Park. The region is rich in both history and natural beauty. 21 photos.
Saskatchewan Canada travel information

Travel story: Habeeb Salloum. Photos: Habeeb Salloum & Corinne Frenkel Frank

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