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Travelogues Cuba

Travel reports about vacations in Cuba

Our Cuba travelogues are extended travel stories about off the beaten track vacations in Cuba. There are 3 travel reports from holidays in Cuba. These travel journals are illustrated with 81 photos. Each travelogue has a separate page with independent travel information about Cuba.

Backpacking in Cuba

Staying with Cuban families in casas particulares

Travelogue Backpacking in Cuba with 16 photos
Backpacking from characteristic Havana to Viñales, with its valley where cowboys and ox wagons move between tobacco fields. Learning to dance salsa in Trinidad, which has colonial houses on cobble-stone streets. Via Camagüey and Santiago to palm beaches around the turquoise bay of Baracoa. Via Holguin to Guarda­lavaca. And everywhere there is music. 16 photos.
Backpacking in Cuba travel information

Travel story & photos: Chantal Nederstigt

Bicycle Vacation Cuba

The Tobacco Route and the Salsa Route

Travelogue Bicycle Vacation Cuba with 29 photos
These two bicycle routes take you through a large part of Cuba. The mountainous Tobacco Route (427 km) leads from Havana to the Sierra del Rosario in the western province of Piñar del Rio, via Playa el Salado, Las Terrazas, Soroa, Pinar del Rio, Viñales and Canabas. The Salsa Route (830 km) also starts in Havana, but takes you through the flatter, central part of Cuba, along Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Varadero. 29 photos.
Bicycle tour Cuba travel information

Travel story & photos: Lyda Riedstra

Surprising Cuba

Pastel-colored houses and green valleys

Travelogue Surprising Cuba with 36 photos
Cuba has a nice mix of nature and culture. In a rental car from Varadero via Havana to the Valley of Vinales, which is explored on horseback. In Trinidad everyone begs for soap. Camagüey is an atmospheric city and in Bayamo life is good: lots of sun and beer. In the Sierra Maestra coffee is grown and chickens, pigs and goats roam free everywhere. Santiago de Cuba is remarkable for its colorful buildings. Baracoa is an extraordinary town, Caya Coco has a white beach and turquoise water. The landscapes are pretty, the roads often terrible and our backseats are usually occupied by hitchhikers, among whom many a police officer. Spending the night in a casa particular, one gets to know the population. 36 photos.
Surprising Cuba travel information

Travel story: Joska Jalving. Photos: Alexander Kikkert & Joska Jalving

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