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Our Egypt travelogues are extended travel stories about off the beaten track vacations in Egypt. There are 2 travel reports from holidays in Egypt. These travel journals are illustrated with 48 photos. Each travelogue has a separate page with independent travel information about Egypt.

Traveling Egypt

From the Nile to the Sinai

Travelogue Traveling Egypt with 24 photos
A tour of Aswan and surroundings, where thousands of years old temples were relocated for the construction of a dam; Abu Simbel; a boat ride by felouka on the Nile river; the royal tombs in Luxor; snorkling in the Red Sea; and a tour on camelback along Biblical locations and oases in the Sinai Desert. 24 photos.
Traveling Egypt travel information

Travel story & photos: Peter van Boheemen

Tour of Egypt

Outside the oases grows literally nothing

Travelogue Tour of Egypt with 24 photos
Besides cultural highlights like the Egyptian Museum, the pyramids and temples, Egypt has impressive landscapes: desolate white and black sand, lime and basalt deserts with bizarre rock formations. Outside the Nile delta and the oases grows literally nothing. 24 photos.
Tour of Egypt travel information

Travel story & photos: Johan Siegers

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