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Travelogues Latin-America

Travel reports about vacations in Latin-America

Our Latin-America travelogues are extended travel stories about vacations in Latin-America. These travel reports are illustrated with photos and each travelogue has a separate page with independent travel information about Argentina.


Travelogues Argentina
Bicycle Vacation Argentina - Pampas and Foothills of the Andes
Fly-drive Argentina - From the subtropics to the most southern city in the world


Travelogues Aruba
Aruba, One Happy Island - Sun, white beaches, light-blue sea


Travelogues Chile
Fly-drive Chile - From the driest place on earth to glaciers
Bicycle vacation Chile - Between the snowy peaks of the Andes and the Pacific


Travelogues Colombia
Touring Colombia - Colonial White Towns in a Green Mountainscape
Jungle Trek to Ciudad Perdida - A five-days hike to the lost city of Teyuna

Costa Rica

Travelogues Costa Rica
Costa Rica's Varied Nature - The tropical rainforest hugs the beach
Bicycle tour Costa Rica - From Ocean to Ocean through Houseplant Country
Bicycle vacation Costa Rica - The peaks of the volcanoes hide behind the clouds


Travelogues Cuba
Bicycle Vacation Cuba - The Tobacco Route and the Salsa Route
Backpacking in Cuba - Staying with Cuban families in casas particulares
Surprising Cuba - Pastel-colored houses and green valleys

Dominican Republic

Travelogues Dominican Republic
Tour Dominican Republic - Palm beaches, tropical rainforest and humpback whale


Travelogues Guatemala
Backpacking in Guatemala - The lure of volcanoes, lakes and colonial towns


Travelogues Jamaica
Fly & drive Jamaica - Lush nature, gorgeous waterfalls, beautiful rivers and a wonderful climate


Travelogues Mexico
Fly-drive: Mexico City to Cancún - Temples, pyramids and traditions against a backdrop of natural beauty
Multi-faceted Mexico - Maya temples, Spanish cathedrals and jungle

Netherlands Antilles

Travelogues Netherlands Antilles
Nature & culture in Curaçao - Buildings in wild colors in competition with nature at its best
Leeward Islands - Sint Maarten/Saint Martin, Saint Eustatius and Saba


Travelogues Panama
Bicycle vacation Panama - We're in the tropics: at 6:30 AM we are already on our bikes


Travelogues Peru
A mountain-bike expedition to Machu Picchu - Crossing the upstream Amazon hanging on a rope


Travelogues Suriname
Laid-back Suriname - Wooden houses, rivers, fortresses, old plantations and jungle

Trinidad and Tobago

Travelogues Trinidad and Tobago
Bounty Island Tobago - Palm beaches and a lush green inland

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