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Our Greece travelogues are extended travel stories about off the beaten track vacations in Greece. There are 8 travel reports from holidays in Greece. These travel journals are illustrated with 170 photos. Each travelogue has a separate page with independent travel information about Greece.

Athens, Delphi and Peloponnesos

The gods from the myths are still around

Travelogue Athens, Delphi and Peloponnesos with 27 photos
A visit to Athens with its Acropolis, a trip to the Delphi Oracle and then via Corinth to Paralio Astros, to explore part of the Peloponnesos: the Cyclops fortress of Mycenae, the theatre and Asclepion in Epidaurus, the port town Nafplio and the car-free Saronian island Hydra and last but not least the temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassae. 27 photos.
Vacation Athens, Delphi and Peloponnesos travel information

Travel story & photos: Luk Carion

Cycling Corfu in the Fall

'More than enough nice spots'

Travelogue Cycling Corfu in the Fall with 19 photos
In September, when the weather in The Netherlands gets rainy and colder, temperatures in Corfu still reach the lower thirties (centigrade). The summer season is over and it's possible - if you try really hard and close your eyes every now and then - to ignore the touristic ugliness. There are more than enough nice spots: pretty mountain villages, quiet roads, relatively quiet bays where the seawater still has a pleasant temperature. And last but not least the capital, where especially the Venatian quarter is still charming. All in all: enough for an enjoyable visit of a week. 19 photos.
Bicycle vacation Corfu travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus

'Kríti very nice. Jámas!'

To get to know the real Crete, you have to go there in Spring

Travelogue 'Kríti very nice. Jámas!' with 16 photos
When the snow starts melting off the mountain peaks, Crete is in bloom and peace and quiet still reign. The best time to explore the real Crete, before its natural beauty is withered and mass tourism takes over the island. An introduction to Crete and its hospitality during a 500 miles bicycle trip. 16 photos.
Bicycle vacation Crete travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus

Mykonos, Naxos and Paros

Cyclades, Island Hopping

Travelogue Mykonos, Naxos and Paros with 21 photos
The Cyclades islands with their white houses have an enormous appeal. During the summer season they are flooded with tourists. But in May, Naxos with its beautiful capital and spectacular landscapes is still reasonably quiet. On Paros and Mykonos it's already insane. Only early in the morning or when everyone is on the beach you can still discover their charm. 21 photos.
Bicycle vacation Cyclades travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus

Varied Epiros

Nature and culture in Central Greece

Travelogue Varied Epiros with 26 photos
Epiros is a region in central and west Greece. On the north it is bordered by Albania and Macedonia. It is one of the most beautiful and sparsely populated areas in Greece, with high mountains, deep valleys and - in Spring - wild rivers, spanned by beautiful old bridges. Wolves, bears, lynx and wild boars are even assumed to live in the nature reserves. Except for the highlights of Delphi and the Meteora monasteries, the region is not visited by many foreign tourists. The Greeks themselves, though, love to spend their vacations here. 26 photos.
Vacation Epiros travel information

Travel story & photos: Marianne Bekkering

Lesbos, Chios and Samos

Bicycling and island hopping North Aegean Islands

Travelogue Lesbos, Chios and Samos with 26 photos
Lesbos, Chios and Samos are different enough from each other to make the trip varied. On Lesbos are wild and bare mountains, but green valleys. Molivos is a nice old town. On Chios the villages where mastic is produced haven't lost their medieval character. Samos is a very green island, and also crowded with tourists. 26 photos.
Lesbos, Chios and Samos travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus

Walking on Thassos

Wild flowers blossom everywhere and fill the air with scents

Travelogue Walking on Thassos with 22 photos
The island of Thassos in the North Aegean Sea is hilly; its highest peak reaches 1203 meter (3600 feet). Along the coast one finds deep canyons with small, quiet bays. Large parts of the island, which abounds in water, are covered with trees. In Spring it is still quiet and wild flower blossom everywhere. An ideal time to explore the island, hiking from mountain village to archeological site to sandy beach. 22 photos.
Hiking vacation Thassos travel information

Travel story & photos: Marja van der Jagt

Underdeveloped Tourism, Less Vulgarity

Bicycling Along the Treasures of the Pelopónnesos

Travelogue Underdeveloped Tourism, Less Vulgarity with 13 photos
Biking on the Pelopónnesos is getting to know a whole range of different mountainscapes, one even prettier than the other. But it is also an introduction to ancient cultures: Venetian and Turkish houses and forts; Maniotic tower houses; Byzantine cities and churches. And then there are the remains of ancient Greece: the famous Epidaurus amphitheater, the Cyclops fortress of Tyrins and the citadel of Agamemnon in Mycene, where the dead, covered in gold, were buried in domed tombs. 13 photos.
Bicycle vacation Peloponnesos, Greece travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus

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