Privacy statement

Your privacy is important for Off The Beaten Track. Everyone can visit our site anonymously. We do not collect information that can be traced to individuals.

The internet technology offers an array of possibilities, like personalized offers based on your preferences. Off The Beaten Track has made the deliberate choice not to offer such "personalized services," because they always more or less invade your privacy. Moreover, we seriously doubt that it is useful for anyone.

Because we have kept the navigation of the site simple and clear, visitors can easily find the information they're looking for. Advertisers who want to promote their products can do so by advertising them on the relevant pages. There is absolutely no need to invade anyone's privacy.

Off The Beaten Track only gathers technical data (type of browser, operating system, screen settings, etc.) from its visitors. This technical information helps us make the site accessible for everyone as well as look pretty.

We also register through which site or search engine our visitors find us, to make sure that our site and its information are easy to find. These are statistical data which cannot be traced back to individuals.

If you fill out a form on this site, we ask for your e-mail address. We use your e-mail address only to send you a confirmation that we have received the form or to send you a thank-you e-mail. We do not store e-mail addresses and we do not give them to others.

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