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Useful addresses


Embassy of Senegal
2112 Wyoming Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008
Tel: (202) 234-0540, 0541
Fax: (202) 332-6315


Embassy of Senegal
11 Phillimore Gardens
London W8 7QG
Tel: (44-171) 937-0925/6
Fax: (44-171) 937-8130


Ambassade du Senegal
14 Avenue Robert Schumann
Paris 75007
Tel: 01 47 05 39 45
Fax: 01 45 56 04 30


You don't need a visa for Senegal, but your passport should be valid until three months after your departure from Senegal.


Senegal was not at all what we expected. In many places houses are still made of mud with roofs of dried grass. Rice, corn, etc. are still crushed, not ground. Waterwells are often the only source of water; they're up to thirty meters deep. Agriculture is still done manually. We have seen exactly one tractor. In other words: it is stereotypically African.

The Senegalese are a pleasant people. Friendly, always in the mood for a chat and there seems to be harmony between the different groups. Christians and Muslims are fully integrated. Nobody is surprised when a vendor in the marketplace takes a jerrycan to mark part of the walkway to kneel down on his mat to pray. Christmas and Tabaski are celebrated by both groups.

And they are incredibly tolerant. Waiting for two hours in the bank because someone brought a weekendbag full of money that has to be counted by hand; getting squashed in a bus with too many passengers, power failures that occur three times a day: nobody complains.

Nature was more interesting than we expected. The southern part, where we bicycled, is relatively green. There are many birds, especially in the delta area. Everything with wings, long legs which finds Europe too cold in the winter can be found there. Only a small part of the country is cultivated. The rest is used for wood gathering, herding cows and goats and to cut savannah grass for the roofs of the cabins.


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