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Our hiking vacation travelogues are extended travel stories about walking holidays in different countries. There are 12 travel reports about hiking vacations. These travel journals are illustrated with 319 photos. Each travelogue has a separate page with independent travel information.

Colombia (1) France (3) Greece (1) Hungary (1)
Italy (2) Nepal (1) Tanzania (2) United Kingdom (1)


Jungle Trek to Ciudad Perdida

A five-days hike to the lost city of Teyuna

Travelogue Jungle Trek to Ciudad Perdida with 24 photos
Hidden deep in the mountains of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the northern part of Colombia lies a Precolombian city, called Teyuna by the native Colombians, at an altitude of 1,200 meters. Its Spanish name is Ciudad Perdida, Lost City. From El Mamey it's five days up- and downhill through the green jungle, countless times crossing the Baritara River to bridge the 44 kilometers to the 1,200 stone steps that lead to circular terraces that were made around 800 and where a few thousand of Tairona Indians lived before the Spanish invasion. 24 photos.
Jungle Trek to Ciudad Perdida travel information

Travel story & photos: Peter van Boheemen


Mountain walking on Corsica

GR20: hiking 200 km in the central massif

Travelogue Mountain walking on Corsica with 43 photos
Four men and a dog hike 200 kilometers in the central massif across Corsica in 2 weeks: the GR20. From cabin to cabin along deep canyons, over blocks and slabs, in stormy winds on hands and feet over the ridge, via klettersteige up and down straight walls; Cirque de la Solitude is conquered and Monte Cinto is climbed. GR20 is the most demanding and most beautiful hiking route of Europe, with different views every hour. 43 photos.
Hiking on Corsica travel information

Travel story & photos: Jo De Smedt

Climbing Mont Blanc via Grand Couloir

Don't look, just keep going...

Travelogue Climbing Mont Blanc via Grand Couloir with 35 photos
First the Col du Tour is climbed to get acclimatized: snow bridges and jumping over glacier rifts. And then the climbing of Mont Blanc, by way of the dangerous Grand Couloir to the Goûter Hut and over a narrow snow ridge along chilling abysses to Les Bosses. When the trail skimps a wide glacier fissure, the motto is: don't look, just keep going... 35 photos.
Climbing Mont Blanc travel information

Travel story & photos: Jo De Smedt

Lot - A forgotten department

Rough canyons and medieval villages

Travelogue Lot - A forgotten department with 7 photos
Lot is sometimes called the forgotten department. Not many tourists visit this area with rough canyons, wild rivers, medieval towns, pilgrim retreats and castles. It's a great place for hiking as well for touring by car. 7 photos.
Hiking vacation Lot travel information

Travel story & photos: Manja Ressler


Walking on Thassos

Wild flowers blossom everywhere and fill the air with scents

Travelogue Walking on Thassos with 22 photos
The island of Thassos in the North Aegean Sea is hilly; its highest peak reaches 1203 meter (3600 feet). Along the coast one finds deep canyons with small, quiet bays. Large parts of the island, which abounds in water, are covered with trees. In Spring it is still quiet and wild flower blossom everywhere. An ideal time to explore the island, hiking from mountain village to archeological site to sandy beach. 22 photos.
Hiking vacation Thassos travel information

Travel story & photos: Marja van der Jagt


Hiking and biking in the Bükk Mountains

Dense beeck forest, brightly colored songbirds, shy squirrels and wild orchids

Travelogue Hiking and biking in the Bükk Mountains with 11 photos
Dense beech forest where shy squirrels bolt away, flower fields with wild orchids and wild aconitum, songbirds between the green foliage and buzzards high in the sky. The Bükk Mountains in Hungary are fortunately protected. Hikers and bikers will find a paradise here. 11 photos.
Hiking and biking in the Bükk Mountains travel information

Travel story: Manja Ressler. Photos: Piet de Geus


Northern Italy

From 2000 m to sea level: the Dolomites and Venice

Travelogue Northern Italy with 37 photos
Hiking sky high in the Dolomites, once surprised by a summer snow storm, but the rest of the time the sun shines on the breathtaking landscape. Climbing along marked trails to mountain peaks and sunbathing on grassy slopes. The contrast with Venice couldn't be sharper - extremely touristy spots are out of the question after the peace and quiet of the mountains, but there's a lot to see in less well-known parts of the archipelago. 37 photos.
Dolomites and Venice travel information

Travel story & photos: Michelle Spaul

Mountain hiking in Valle d'Aosta

Climbing the Piramide Vincent, Balmenhorn and Gran Paradiso

Travelogue Mountain hiking in Valle d'Aosta with 26 photos
Climbing three mountains over 4000 meters high in Valle d'Aosta: over glaciers and slippery rocks to the Piramide Vincent and the nearby Balmenhorn. On the way back it becomes clear how narrow the trail over the rocky ridge is. The climbing of Gran Paradiso starts in a friendly green landscape, but ends in a severe trek on cloud-covered glaciers with deep fissures. The weather can - even in August - turn a light climb into a tough trek against an arctic backdrop. 26 photos.
Mountain hiking in Valle d'Aosta travel information

Travel story & photos: Jo De Smedt


Ganesh Himal Trek

Rickety suspension bridges over deep canyons

Travelogue Ganesh Himal Trek with 23 photos
Climbing stairs and rocks, hiking over terraces and in the jungle, crossing suspension bridges over rivers and canyons, walking through the clouds above 4,000 meters toward snowy peaks. On high mountain passes the tent is covered in ice when it freezes over ten degrees centigrade at night. The Ganesh Himal Trek is tough, but an unforgettable experience. 23 photos.
Hiking vacation Nepal travel information

Travel story & photos: Geja Rijsman


Kilimanjaro Trekking: Machame Route

From the jungle to the freezing cold of glaciers

Travelogue Kilimanjaro Trekking: Machame Route with 35 photos
Beginning at the Machame Gate (1,800 m) in Kilimanjaro National Park the hikers cross tropical rainforest to Machame Camp at 3,000 m. Through moorland on to Shira Camp at 3,800 m, with a view of the peak of Mt.Meru. Hiking to Lava Tower at 4,600 and then back to Baranco Camp at 3,900 m to acclimatise. Via Breakfast Wall and through a valley with lobelias to Barafu Base Camp at 4,600 m for the climb over glaciers to Uhuru peak at 5,895 m. Descending goes via Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate, where a Kilimanjaro beer is waiting. 35 photos.
Kilimanjaro Trekking Machame-route travel information

Travel story & photos: Suzan van Beest

Kilimanjaro Trekking

The snow-covered peak looks increasingly challenging

Travelogue Kilimanjaro Trekking with 23 photos
Via the Marangu route, the lightest and most popular (a.k.a. the Coca Cola route), to the top of Kilimanjaro. Through tropical rainforest to the Mandarahut, through a Jurrassic Park landscape to the Horombohut, through a desolate alpine desert higher up to the Kibohut and from Gilman's Point over the edge of the crater to the ice cap of the 5895 meter Uhuru Peak. 23 photos.
Kilimanjaro Trekking Marangu Route travel information

Travel story & photos: Peter van Boheemen

United Kingdom

Wye Valley Walk

Hiking in the Wye Valley in Wales

Travelogue Wye Valley Walk with 33 photos
Hiking upstream along the Wye river in Wales, surrounded by green and with great views; without straining climbs, passing through the occasional nice village, sometimes even without a store. There are few other hikers, but lots of sheep. You cross beautiful and sometimes quirky bridges over the Wye, again and again, while the river gets narrower and the hills higher, until you reach the Cambrian Mountains. 33 photos.
Walking in Wales travel information

Travel story & photos: Kees van Tol

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