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Argentina (1) Cambodia (1) Chile (1) Costa Rica (2)
Cuba (1) Cyprus (1) Czech Republic (1) Germany (1)
Ghana (1) Greece (5) India (2) Indonesia (1)
Kyrgyzstan (1) Laos (1) Malaysia (1) Myanmar (1)
Panama (1) Peru (1) Portugal (1) Senegal (1)
Slovenia (2) Spain (2) Sri Lanka (1) Thailand (2)
Tibet (1) Vietnam (1)   


Bicycle Vacation Argentina

Pampas and Foothills of the Andes

Travelogue Bicycle Vacation Argentina with 44 photos
Over rolling hills from Buenos Aires along the Rio Paraná to Rosario, to where the ships come in from the ocean. On the pampas, where that delicious Argentinian steak originates, to Córdoba and then rounding the Sierras de Córdoba, with many old estancias and Jesuite churches with farms. In northern Argentina from Salta over the slopes of the Andes, along varied landscapes, passing Quebrada de Cafayate and Amaicha del Valle. 44 photos.
Bicycle Vacation Argentina travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul


Bicycle vacation Cambodia

From Bangkok to Singapore by bicycle (I)

Travelogue Bicycle vacation Cambodia with 17 photos
Bicycling on dusty roads with potholes large enough to sleep in, along rice fields and villages without running water, where a battery provides electricity for the huts. There is a lot more to see in Cambodia than the touristic highlights of temples and palaces in Angkor near Siem Reap or those in Phnom Penh: cows and buffaloes in fields, chickens (in bunches of 20) and pigs on moped back seats. The most exhausting part: waving and answering the 17 photos.
Bicycle tour Cambodia travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul


Bicycle vacation Chile

Between the snowy peaks of the Andes and the Pacific

Travelogue Bicycle vacation Chile with 31 photos
Four weeks in Central Chile by bike and bus: between the snowy peaks of the Andes mountains and the Pacific, riding along volcanoes, lava fields, vineyards and deep-blue lakes from Santiago de Chile via Santa Cruz, Curico, Chillán, Buchupureo, Los Angeles, Rio Bio Bio, Cunco and Puerto Fuy to Valdivia. Drinks are sometimes hard to find and accomodations are often rickety, but people are extremely friendly. 31 photos.
Bicycle vacation Chile travel information

Travel story & photos: Pieter Parmentier

Costa Rica

Bicycle tour Costa Rica

From Ocean to Ocean through Houseplant Country

Travelogue Bicycle tour Costa Rica with 30 photos
Bicycling in Costa Rica, from the Caribbean to the Pacific coast through landscapes with hundreds of different kinds of animals and plants; crossing volcano slopes, through rain forests full of outsized houseplants, along mangrove woods and beaches with palm trees. Passing villages and towns with friendly people, restaurants and hotels in all kinds and sizes. It's warm, but not too dry. 30 photos.
Bicycle tour Costa Rica travel information

Travel story & photos: Pieter Parmentier

Bicycle vacation Costa Rica

The peaks of the volcanoes hide behind the clouds

Travelogue Bicycle vacation Costa Rica with 26 photos
Bicycling in a tunnel of green in tropical rainforest where rivers and waterfalls rustle, orchids bloom and monkeys swing screaming from tree to tree. On the Pacific coast it's dry, but even here every now and then the peaks of the volcanoes are hidden by clouds. The Panamerican Highway turns out to be not too busy and better for bicycling than many local roads full of rocks, potholes and bumps. On the peninsula of Nicoya suger cane is harvested; here you can swim with pelicans, while the local population is entertained by a bull rodeo. On the Caribbean coast it's wet. This is Chiquita land. 26 photos.
Bicycle tour Costa Rica travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul


Bicycle Vacation Cuba

The Tobacco Route and the Salsa Route

Travelogue Bicycle Vacation Cuba with 29 photos
These two bicycle routes take you through a large part of Cuba. The mountainous Tobacco Route (427 km) leads from Havana to the Sierra del Rosario in the western province of Piñar del Rio, via Playa el Salado, Las Terrazas, Soroa, Pinar del Rio, Viñales and Canabas. The Salsa Route (830 km) also starts in Havana, but takes you through the flatter, central part of Cuba, along Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Varadero. 29 photos.
Bicycle tour Cuba travel information

Travel story & photos: Lyda Riedstra


Bicycle vacation Cyprus

Bicycling in the mountains and along archeological sites

Travelogue Bicycle vacation Cyprus with 27 photos
Cyprus has many different types of landscapes. Wooded mountains, deep valleys and narrow canyons. At lower level, there are vineyards, often on terraces. For cultural cravings there are monasteries, churches and archeological sites. A perfect island to tour by bike or car. But there are hardly any pretty towns or nice fishers villages. And the coast has been mostly ruined by developments. 27 photos.
Bicycle vacation Cyprus travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus

Czech Republic

A Paradise of Peace and Quiet

Farmhouses in Bohemia

Travelogue A Paradise of Peace and Quiet with 11 photos
In Bohemia wooded hills alternate with rolling grainfields. Every now and then a castle appears. Hundreds of ponds are scattered over the landscape and every few miles you pass by a picturesque village. If you rent a farmhouse you can expect visits by deer. 11 photos.
Bicycle vacation Bohemia travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus



Bicycle Vacation in North Rhine-Westphalia

Travelogue Erft-Radweg with 27 photos
The Erft-Radweg is an easy bicycling route over the foothills of the Eifel Mountains, from the soucre of the Erft river near the atmospheric spa Bad Münstereifel to where it empties in the Rhine at Neuss, one of the oldest cities in Germany. Or in the opposite direction. Downstream are monasteries and waterforts with moats filled with Erft water. On the way, Museum Insel Hombroich offers art indoors and outside. 27 photos.
Erft-Radweg travel information

Travel story & photos: Kees van Tol


Bicycle Tour around Lake Volta

Ghana is green, hot, loud and praises the Lord

Travelogue Bicycle Tour around Lake Volta with 46 photos
A 2000 km bicycle tour around Lake Volta. From the green, relatively wealthy south of Ghana to the poverty in the north and along the west bank of the lake back to the coast. People are friendly everywhere and are eager to show how they live and work. Ghana is a warm country, literally as well as figuratively. The work is mostly done by women, who carry heavy loads on their heads, while the men sit on benches. 46 photos.
Bicycle vacation Ghana travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul


Cycling Corfu in the Fall

'More than enough nice spots'

Travelogue Cycling Corfu in the Fall with 19 photos
In September, when the weather in The Netherlands gets rainy and colder, temperatures in Corfu still reach the lower thirties (centigrade). The summer season is over and it's possible - if you try really hard and close your eyes every now and then - to ignore the touristic ugliness. There are more than enough nice spots: pretty mountain villages, quiet roads, relatively quiet bays where the seawater still has a pleasant temperature. And last but not least the capital, where especially the Venatian quarter is still charming. All in all: enough for an enjoyable visit of a week. 19 photos.
Bicycle vacation Corfu travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus

'Kríti very nice. Jámas!'

To get to know the real Crete, you have to go there in Spring

Travelogue 'Kríti very nice. Jámas!' with 16 photos
When the snow starts melting off the mountain peaks, Crete is in bloom and peace and quiet still reign. The best time to explore the real Crete, before its natural beauty is withered and mass tourism takes over the island. An introduction to Crete and its hospitality during a 500 miles bicycle trip. 16 photos.
Bicycle vacation Crete travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus

Mykonos, Naxos and Paros

Cyclades, Island Hopping

Travelogue Mykonos, Naxos and Paros with 21 photos
The Cyclades islands with their white houses have an enormous appeal. During the summer season they are flooded with tourists. But in May, Naxos with its beautiful capital and spectacular landscapes is still reasonably quiet. On Paros and Mykonos it's already insane. Only early in the morning or when everyone is on the beach you can still discover their charm. 21 photos.
Bicycle vacation Cyclades travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus

Lesbos, Chios and Samos

Bicycling and island hopping North Aegean Islands

Travelogue Lesbos, Chios and Samos with 26 photos
Lesbos, Chios and Samos are different enough from each other to make the trip varied. On Lesbos are wild and bare mountains, but green valleys. Molivos is a nice old town. On Chios the villages where mastic is produced haven't lost their medieval character. Samos is a very green island, and also crowded with tourists. 26 photos.
Lesbos, Chios and Samos travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus

Underdeveloped Tourism, Less Vulgarity

Bicycling Along the Treasures of the Pelopónnesos

Travelogue Underdeveloped Tourism, Less Vulgarity with 13 photos
Biking on the Pelopónnesos is getting to know a whole range of different mountainscapes, one even prettier than the other. But it is also an introduction to ancient cultures: Venetian and Turkish houses and forts; Maniotic tower houses; Byzantine cities and churches. And then there are the remains of ancient Greece: the famous Epidaurus amphitheater, the Cyclops fortress of Tyrins and the citadel of Agamemnon in Mycene, where the dead, covered in gold, were buried in domed tombs. 13 photos.
Bicycle vacation Peloponnesos, Greece travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus


Kerala & Karnataka

Bicycle Vacation South India II

Travelogue Kerala & Karnataka with 29 photos
The trip continues along the Arabian Sea from the most southern spot in India along the coast with its backwaters and spice trade cities like Allepey, Cochin and Calicut. The tour continues via Wayanad National Park to Mysore (Maharadja's Palace) and Bangalore, the ICT Center of the world. This densely populated part of India is still internationally oriented. 29 photos.
Cycling Kerala & Karnataka travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul

Tamil Nadu

Bicycle Vacation South India I

Travelogue Tamil Nadu with 29 photos
Along the Bay of Bengal from Chennai (Madras) to the most southern spot in India, where you see the sun rise from the sea in Kanyakumari and can see it set in the sea as well. On the way there are many Hindu temples, rice paddies, ploughing waterbuffalo, old forts and pilgrims in bare feet. If you need to ask for directions, just wake up the officers at the police station. 29 photos.
Cycling Tamil Nadu travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul


Bicycle Vacation South Sulawesi

Tradition and hospitality amidst many shades of green

Travelogue Bicycle Vacation South Sulawesi with 34 photos
Amidst green mountains with rainforests and paddies old traditions still live on Sulawesi (formerly Celebes). Ships are still hand built in Tanaberu. Bricks are also still made by hand. Fishers villages float on Lake Tempe. And then there are Buginese pile dwellings and a mourning ceremony in Rantepao that lasts for days. Bicycling means waving at people, say 'hello' and be stared at. And having our pictures taken with everyone we meet. 34 photos.
Bicycle Vacation South Sulawesi travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul


Bicycle vacation Kyrgyzstan

Tien Shan, silver-colored rivers and green meadows

Travelogue Bicycle vacation Kyrgyzstan with 22 photos
A bicycle expedition to Tien Shan, also known as the Heavenly Mountains in Kyrgyzstan. On the worst roads in the world through the most beautiful landscapes. Climbing and descending with views of white mountain peaks (6,000 to 7,000 meters), green valleys dotted with yurts and herds of horses, and crossed by shiny silver-colored rivers. Sleeping in tents, washing and doing laundry in the rivers and squatting over a hole in the ground to relieve oneself. Call it an adventurous bike trip if you want... 22 photos.
Bicycle vacation Kyrgyzstan travel information

Travel story & photos: Pieter Parmentier


Bicycle tour Laos

Wooded hills with rustling brooks and waterfalls

Travelogue Bicycle tour Laos with 34 photos
Bicycle trip from Pak Beng, a sandpath with guesthouses, along valleys and paddies to Muang Houn, with its two streets a larger town. Luang Prabang, with over 60 temples, is a mix of Laotian atmosphere and French grandeur. Via the karst mountains and the caves of Vang Vieng to Vientiane, the modest capital on the Mekong. The trip ends with a short stretch in Thailand. 34 photos.
Bicycle vacation Laos travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul


Bicycle vacation Malaysia

From Bangkok to Singapore by bicycle (II)

Travelogue Bicycle vacation Malaysia with 14 photos
Bicycling along endless rice fields and in tropical rainforest, where signs warn you for 'crossing elephants'. In Muslim villages, signs show how to wear a veil. One day it's slipping and sliding over tree roots, another day it's walking between the tops of giant trees. 14 photos.
Bicycle tour Malaysia travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart Dijkzeul


Bicycle vacation Myanmar

Gorgeous landscapes and friendly people

Travelogue Bicycle vacation Myanmar with 39 photos
Bicycling tour through a country with more stupas and buddha statues than inhabitants. Gold leaf shines everywhere. On bad roads through beautiful landscapes around Mandalay, along Bagan (with thousands of old stupas) and Nyaung Shwe on Lake Inle. Via Yangon, with its impressive Shwedagon Paya, to Ngwe Saung on the Gulf of Bengal and Pathein on the Ayeyarwady River. 39 photos.
Bicycle tour Myanmar travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul


Bicycle vacation Panama

We're in the tropics: at 6:30 AM we are already on our bikes

Travelogue Bicycle vacation Panama with 20 photos
Every now and then we see a village in the hills. The Caribbean coast of West Panama is green and unspoiled. Off the coast lie little islands. South of the central mountain ridge it is hot and dry. The city of David is bigger than expected. Parque Nacional Volcan Baru isn't far, nor are the Pacific beaches. Via coastal towns to San José in Costa Rica. 20 photos.
Bicycle tour Panama travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul


A mountain-bike expedition to Machu Picchu

Crossing the upstream Amazon hanging on a rope

Travelogue A mountain-bike expedition to Machu Picchu with 15 photos
Except for the well-known Inca Trail, there also is a mountain-bike route to Machu Picchu. Or is there? Climbing endless hairpin turns to 4,300 m, just below the white peak of Nevado Verónica, descending 80 km to an old Inca sign post and through valleys to Santa Teresa. Crossing rivers by rickety suspension bridges and hanging in a little container... and then it's only a little farther over former train tracks... until the police inquires where we think we're going. 15 photos.
Mountain-bike tour Peru travel information

Travel story & photos: Pieter Parmentier


The Middle Ages in Alentejo province

Fortified towns along the Spanish border

Travelogue The Middle Ages in Alentejo province with 26 photos
On almost every hill top along the Spanish border in the Alentejo sits a fortified town, where time has stood still since the Middle Ages. The larger towns, Evora, Elvas, Estremoz and Castelo de Vide, each have their own particular charm. Bicycle trip through the Alentejo province of Portugal. 26 photos.
Bicycle vacation Alentejo,Portugal travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus


Bicycle Tour of Senegal

Mud cabins within a round reed fence

Travelogue Bicycle Tour of Senegal with 36 photos
Senegal's nature is not spectacular, but the rather flat country is excellent for a trip during the winter season in the northern hemisphere. Bicycling along villages with traditional mud cabins and baobabs in the yellow grass. Along the shore one sees fishermen in brightly painted piroques, women are working the land, while men are sitting in the shade of a tree discussing world problems. 36 photos.
Bicycle tour Senegal travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul


Tour of Slovenia

Mountain ranges, fast-flowing rivers and green slopes

Travelogue Tour of Slovenia with 31 photos
Canoeing on the Soca, followed by a thousand kilometers bike tour of mountainous Slovenia. From Piran on the Adriatic, along the Croatian border eastward to Ptuj and via the Karawanken, the foothills of the Alps, which form the border with Austria, back west to the Triglav mountains. Triglav, with its 2864 m the highest peak of Slovenia, is climbed on foot. 31 photos.
Bicycle vacation Slovenia travel information

Travel story: Piet Kuijten. Photos: Miro Vogric, Danila Lazar, Koen & Piet Kuijten

From the Slovenian Alps to Lake Balaton

800 kilometers through countless river valleys

Travelogue From the Slovenian Alps to Lake Balaton with 15 photos
From the wild nature of the Alps to the crowded banks of Lake Balaton: a bicycle trip of almost 800 kilometers through countless river valleys. Leaving Slovenia and entering Hungary is a sea change: grander landscape, villages that are not as painstakingly neat and the people definitely more warmblooded. 15 photos.
Bicycle vacation Slovenia, Hungary travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus


The Moorish Heritage of Andalusia

Biking in the mountains of al-Andalus

Travelogue The Moorish Heritage of Andalusia with 20 photos
The Moorish heritage of Andalusia is not just the Mezquita in Córdoba or the Alhambra in Granada. It also includes the white villages with Moorish quarters and fortresses, which lay scattered between countless olive groves and wild mountains with spectacular canyons. Biking there, you also get to see a lot of Baroque buildings as well as religious processions. 20 photos.
Bicycle vacation Andalusia travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus

Bicycle vacation Transpirinaika

Crossing the Pyrenees from coast to coast

Travelogue Bicycle vacation Transpirinaika with 17 photos
Crossing the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean: 900 kilometers, 14,500 meters of climbing and 30 mountain passes. In the scorching sun and through thunder- and hailstorms on roads that are often in extremely bad condition, along gorges, mighty massives, fast-flowing rivers and rustling brooks, woods, mountain pastures and beautiful towns. 17 photos.
Bicycle tour Pyrenees travel information

Travel story & photos: Pieter Parmentier

Sri Lanka

Bicycle Vacation Sri Lanka

The rainy season is not just wet; it's also lush green

Travelogue Bicycle Vacation Sri Lanka with 35 photos
A bicycle vacation in lush green Sri Lanka, where not just the plants are watered every day: lakes are filled to the brim, rivers roar, waterfalls splash and reservoirs spill over. There is more than natural beauty: wooden fishing boats, fishing nets that are pulled from the sea by hand, ruins of temples and palaces dating from before the Christian era en forts that remind you of Dutch and Portuguese colonialism. 35 photos.
Bicycle Vacation Sri Lanka travel information

Travel story & photos: Gerrie & Aart Dijkzeul


Bicycle vacation Thailand

From Bangkok to Singapore by bicycle (I)

Travelogue Bicycle vacation Thailand with 12 photos
Bicycling in crowded Bangkok, along wharfs where boats are built by hand, between plantations with rubber, palm and banana trees and along touristic beach resorts. Crowded and noisy towns where one meets no western tourists, and remote beaches where a bucket serves as shower. 12 photos.
Bicycle tour Thailand travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart Dijkzeul

Bicycle vacation North Thailand

Bicycling along the Mekong River is pure joy

Travelogue Bicycle vacation North Thailand with 18 photos
Bicycling in North Thailand: from Chiang Mai, where every temple tries to outdo the others with shiny goldpaint, through green hills via Doi Mae Salong in the mountainous Golden Triangle to Mae Sai, the most northern part of Thailand. Then along the Mekong River to Chiang Saen for the ferry crossing to Laos. 18 photos.
Bicycle tour North Thailand travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul


Bicycling on the Friendship Highway

From Lhasa to Kathmandu, crossing passes at 5,000 meters

Travelogue Bicycling on the Friendship Highway with 21 photos
The Friendship Highway is still asphalted south of Lhasa, but that changes quickly when it meanders over 5,000 meters high passes in the Himalayas. In the course of the 1,100 kilometers to Kathmandu in Nepal, the Highway frequently isn't even recognizable as a road. At great altitudes, between the mountains, you can find shellfish on a former ocean floor. Bicycling in Tibet is extreme, in many ways. 21 photos.
Bicycle vacation Tibet travel information

Travel story & photos: Pieter Parmentier


Bicycle vacation Viet Nam

Cycling from Bangkok to Saigon II

Travelogue Bicycle vacation Viet Nam with 14 photos
The Mekong delta is a green area with river arms, channels and canals. It's busy on the water. Most transportation takes place by boat and there are even floating markets. Saigon is a real metropolis with 7 million inhabitants and interesting museums (of course about the Viet Nam war). 14 photos.
Bicycle tour Viet Nam travel information

Travel story & photos: Aart & Gerrie Dijkzeul

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